WCH Council Candidates Discuss Downtown Needs

The downtown area has long been an issue for Washington Court House City Council, and with November's General Election approaching, the candidates for Council are voicing their opinions on the problems facing the downtown and how to solve them.

Speaking at the recent Candidates Night Forum, Stephen Shiltz addressed the problems with pedestrian crossings and parking."We are not necessarily pedestiran friendly in downtown Washington CH," said Shiltz. "Do you see a crosswalk anywhere in downtown? We need cross walks. The other thing is we have five parking lots downtown but nobody knows it. We don't have a parking problem, we have an "I can't find the parking lot" problem. We need signs that say public parking."

Candidate, and current City Council member, Kim Bonnell, addressed the downtown issue of shopkeepers maintaining their facilities."We have lots of grant money that's available, and we'll help you write that grant," said Bonnell. We'll help you get money to take care of your building."There are a total of five candidates seeking to fill four seats on Council. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th.

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