What person do you dread getting stuck next to the most on a plane or mass transit?

A few years ago I flew to California for a long weekend. On my return flight I was seated between a big ol' boy and a father traveling for the first time with his two year old daughter. This was the first trip that dad and daughter had taken together without mom, so dad was little nervous. Whenever the girl would squirm or fuss he'd shovel cheerio's, apple slices, juice, milk, anything he had, he gave to her. Keep in mind we're wedged in like sardine's with me in the middle.

After a while the little girl stopped being fussy and started looking sickly, and sure enough, everything dad shoveled into her mouth came out all over me. There was nothing I could, no where I could go. It was as if it was happening in slow motion.

So, there's me covered in vomit, the dad is apologizing up and down while the little girl laughs. She then grabs me by the beard and tries to rip it off. lol 

I may have forgot to mention the only reason I was on the flight was because I booked my return flight for a month later and had to pay $750 to make it home that day, just in time to crack the mic and go live at 6 a.m. So I guess you could say the entire thing was my own fault.

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