The ALL-SCOL Teams for Bowling, Swimming and Wrestling were determined by the results of the respective League Tournament for each respective sport.
Basketball Coaches will meet Sunday to vote on the Boys and Girls ALL-SCOL Basketball teams. Pictured below are the First Team members recognized at the Winter Banquet.


1st Team SCOL Girls:  Summer Finley (Chillicothe), Paige Blankenship (MT), Miranda Wheeler (MT), Sierra Dawson (WCH), Reeanna Houser (Chillicothe), Elinna Ward (Hillboro) and Chelsea Davidson (WCH).

1st Team SCOL Boys:  Nathan Warner (WCH), Gray Prater (Chillicothe), Hunter Lowe (Hillsboro), Jeremy Margurger (CM), Kevin Martin (Chillicothe), Josh Fry (CM), and James Pollard (WCH)

2nd Team SCOL Girls:  Amber Chaney (Hillsboro), Kristen Eblin (Chillicothe), Michelle Crawford (Chillicothe), Abbey Carruthers (CM), and Kate Jude (WCH).

2nd Team SCOL Boys:  James Burnt (WCH), Jesse Hale (Hillsboro), Tyler King (Hillsboro), Timmy Claytor (Chillicothe), and Sean Lucas (Chillicothe)