Miami Trace 15, Hillsboro 3

The Panthers improve to 9-0 overall and 4-0 in the SCOL



GIRLS: Unioto 69.5, Chillicothe 66.5; BOYS: Unioto 90, Chillicothe 47


100 Dash: 1st D.J. Vinson (C) 11.43; 2nd David Sparks (U), 3rd Luke Sinclair (U)

200 Dash: 1st D.J. Vinson (C) 23.08; 2nd David Sparks (U); 3rd Luke Sinclair (U)

400 Dash: 1st Luke Sinclair (U) 53.62; 2nd David Sparks (U); 3rd Jack Whalen (C)

800 Dash: 1st Ethan Richter (U) 2:02.18; 2nd Donavan Lowe (C); 3rd Phillip VanHooser (U)

110 Hurdles: 1st Trevan Bond-Pennington (C) 16.59, 2nd Harrison Taylor (U); 3rd Calvin Sparks (U)

300 Hurdles: 1st Trevan Bond-Pennington (C) 44.18, 2nd Harrison Taylor (U); 3rd Calvin Sparks (U)

1600 Run: 1st David Magda (U) 4:47.75; 2nd Sam Smith (U); 3rd Ethan Dills (U)

3200 Run: 1st Jesse Griesheimer (U) 9:04:00; 2nd Ben Haller (C); 3rd Sam Smith (U)

4x100 Relay: 1st Chillicothe

4x200 Relay: 1st Unioto

4x400 Relay: 1st Chillicothe

4x800 Relay: 1st Unioto

Long Jump: 1st David Sparks (U) 18-08; 2nd Tristan Lynch (U); 3rd Chad Taborn (U)

High Jump: 1st Levi Shumaker (C) 5-06; 2nd David Sparks (U); 3rd Marion Jones (U)

Pole Vault: 1st Jacob Wheeler  (C) 9-00; 2nd Harrison Taylor (U); 3rd Cordell Hawthorn (U)

Discus: 1st Trevor Detillion (U) 169-09; 2nd Ryan Spencer (U); 3rd Matt Clemmons (C)

Shot Put: 1st Trevor Detillion (U) 51-05; 2nd Ryan Spencer (U); 3rd Anthony Grow (C)


100 Dash: 1st Tanea Cousins (C) 13.00; 2nd Sarah Johnson (U); 3rd Toni Kennedy (C)

200 Dash: 1st Tanea Cousins (C) 27.21; 2nd Caleah Beatty (U); 3rd Annie Flintory (U)

400 Dash: 1st Joey Whalen (C) 1:05.90; 2nd Makenna Flitton (U); 3rd Lauren Price (C)

800 Dash: 1st Kristen Cook (U) 2:42.27; 2nd Lauren Price (C); 3rd Unique Overly (U)

100 Hurdles: 1st Tamia Mills (U) 17.28; Kylie Bethel (C); 3rd Caleah Beatty (U)

300 Hurdles: 1st Kylie Bethel (C) 50.8; 2nd Tamia Mills (U); 3rd Taryn Austin (U)

1600 Run: 1st Kinkela Harkins (U) 5:30; 2nd Kristen Cook (U); 3rd Andrea Alcorn

3200 Run: 1st Elena Knipp (U) 12:43:00; Andrea Alcorn (U); 3rd Brooke Dunn (C)

4x100 Relay: 1st Chillicothe

4x200 Relay: 1st Chillicothe

4x400 Relay: 1st Unioto

4x800 Relay: 1st Unioto

Long Jump: 1st Tamia Mills (U) 15-06; 2nd Tanea Cousins (C); 3rd Mekhia Flintroy (U)

High Jump: 1st Sarah Johnson (U) 5-0; 2nd Olivia Eblin (C)

Pole Vault: 1st Claire Corzine (C) 9-00; 2nd Savannah Bonner (C); 3rd Xena Stearos (C)

Discus: 1st Conner Watkins (C) 86-02; 2nd Heather Raines (U); 3rd Kelsee Ferrell (U)

Shot Put: 1st Megan Conrad (U) 32-05; 2nd Conner Watkins (C); 3rd Samantha Eliason (U)


Clinton Massie’s Boys and Girls teams were winners of the Clinton Massie Relays Monday night.

The Falcons tallied 100 points for the win. Little Miami (84) nudged Kings (82) out of second by two points in the Boys meet, followed by East Clinton (62), Madison Plains (42) and a second Falcons team (0). The Falcons won seven events. The Astros took the 4x200 Relay and the Distance Medley.

On the Girls side, CM scored 108 points followed by Kings (89), Little Miami (68) Madison Plains (54), East Clinton (37) and a second Clinton Massie team (6). The Lady Falcons scored five event victories. East Clinton’s best performance came as second place finish in the Shuttle Hurdles.