The Chillicothe Girls Tennis Team defeated Wilmington 3-2.

1s Allison Brooks(W) defeated Bekah Ray (C) 3-6  6-3  6-2
2s Jera Copley (C) defeated Mimi Bekhect (W)  7-5  6-2
3s Brittany Harper (C) defeated Mai Cooper (W)  6-2  2-6  6-4
1d Hannah Arth/Carly McCloy (C) defeated Kalista Adkins/Katie Schroeder (W)  7-5  6-2
2d Sydney Ilg/Summer Payne (W) defeated Madeline Digges/Georgia Hilliard (C) 6-3  6-3

Chillicothe improves to 5-2 overall and SCOL  4-0. Wilmington slips to 4-5 overall and 3-1 in the SCOL.

Chillicothe earned its first victory Tuesday following a 5-game match with Hillsboro.

The first game went to Hillsboro 30-28 with a lot of back and forth play and many score changes. Chillicothe rebounded in game 2 and won 25-16.  Hillsboro fought back again winning game 3 25-23. But Chillicothe won 25-21 in game 4.  Hillsboro reeled off 4 points in game 5 but Chillicothe outlasted the Indians 15-11.

Chillicothe won a weather shortend game at Miami Trace 11-0 Tuesday. The game was called in the second half due to lightning.

The Cavalier Boys were 7-1 winners at Miami Trace to extend their record to 4-0 overall.