According to Redbook, here are some foods that skinny people eat every day:

• Chocolate – A study found that people who eat chocolate regularly are actually slimmer than people who didn’t enjoy it as often. This is because depriving yourself of something you enjoy causes you to overeat later.

• Almond butter – It’s high-protein, high-fiber, and contains “healthy” fat.

• Cottage cheese – It’s the most filling type of cheese out there and has lots of protein and calcium.

• Avocados – Avocados actually suppress appetite because they take up to six hours to fully digest.

• Pickles – They’re great for snacking on because they’re crunchy and salty … but have very few calories.

•Water – It’s a no-brainer, but water fills you up so that you eat less. And drinking it cold may even help speed up your resting metabolism.