The story of a 14-year-old boy who ran away from home and spent two days living in a Texas Walmart store is just coming to light.

The name of the boy, who went missing on July 28th, has yet to be released. Before he disappeared, he was staying with an aunt since his parents were away on vacation.

It wasn't until two days after he was first reported missing that police got a call from a 24-hour Walmart store in Corsicana, Texas where he was found. The runaway was reportedly hiding in two different locations in the store -- among the paper towels and toilet paper and also around the baby products and strollers.

According to sources, the boy wore diapers so he didn't have to use the store restroom and risk being seen. Walmart isn't expected to file charges against the boy, but some shoppers were a bit freaked out about the news.

Source ABC News