Zac Efron was beaten up late Sunday night in a really bad neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. 

Police say the actor was in the very shady area under LA's Harbor Freeway just after midnight when he and his body guard were attacked by several homeless men. Cops arrived at the scene and broke up the fight. They say Efron told them that he his bodyguard had run out of gas and were sitting in the car waiting for a tow truck. Efron says he threw a bottle out the window which landed near a group of guys who confronted them and attacked the bodyguard. When Efron got out to help, he was socked in the mouth.

Cops are frequently in the area which is known for being a hotbed of drug deals and gang activity. No arrests were made, but it of course raises questions as to why the actor, who twice has spent time in rehab for cocaine abuse, was in this area. (TMZ)