The 12th District Court of Appeals has ruled that the city of Washington Court House is in contempt of court for not paying Ohio EPA fines from sewage overflows into Paint Creek, Court News Ohio reports.

CNO said the EPA filed a suit against Washington Court House back in '06 "to address continual issues of raw sewage overflows that happened mostly when rain storm water emptied into the sewer system sending sewage into streets, basements, and the creek."

In 2007, the city and EPA established a consent decree that the city would develop a plan by 2008 to correct the problem and complete the work by 2011; however, the city found that it would not be able to meet the standards until 2028.

CNO reports the city reported the times it exceeded the permit discharge limits and that the city paid $58,000 in fines from 2007 to 2010. However, the city didn't pay for 2011-2012.