Washington CH City Council made a decision Wednesday on a letter of priority for one of two groups vying for funding housing projects in and around Washington CH.

One group was The Community Action Commission and WODA. They are planning on improving the old Fayette Inn, which currently has 17 units and turning Wintersong Nursing Home into low-income housing. The other group was LW and Associates, who want to build a 40 unit Senior Living Community in the area of Home DePot.

City Council supported both endeavors, however could only give one the letter of Priorty. Without the letter, funding for these projects is rare. After voting on who to give the letter to, LW and Associates came out on top.

LW & Associates says it could be spring of "next year", before construction gets underway- IF they get the project.

Community Actions plans to submit their plan for approval, but knows chances of getting funded for their projects are now slim.