The Highland County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Job and Family Services have been cracking down on food stamp fraud. Sheriff Richard Warner said six people were indicted earlier this month on felony charges of theft by deception. The indictments allege some of the individuals were fraudulently getting food stamps and that the others were drawing food stamps from two different states at the same time.

Those charged were 40-year-old Larry Cook, 37-year-old Heather Cook, 45-year-old Kevin Mosley, 41-year-old Tonia Mosley, 42-year-old Tamara Hester, and 39-year-old John Hester.

If convicted, the defendants would face criminal charges and would have to repay the money they received fraudulently, said Sheriff Warner.

"These indictments represent more than $30,000 in taxpayer dollars stolen by these six people over the last couple years," said Debbie Robbins, executive director for Job and Family Services.

"We have several other investigations ongoing, and anticipate more indictments to come," she added.