Adena Health System has entered into an agreement with MedFlight medical air transportation. To ensure the fastest response time, MedFlight will base a helicopter in Ross County by fall 2014 to better serve the area; and to compliment two other MedFlight aircraft located in southern Ohio.

“When a patient needs critical care transport, by ground or air, time and expertise is crucial,” said Adena’s President and CEO Mark Shuter. “By partnering with MedFlight, our community and region will have a complete network of locally-based medical helicopters and Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU).

MedFlight’s response time and their mobile and air intensive care service made them stand above the rest.” Last fall, Adena contracted with MedFlight’s ground transportation service, MedCare.MedFlight President and CEO, Rod Crane added, “We are honored to serve Adena, its affiliated hospitals and patients with the highest level of complete patient transportation in the country.

Adena’s decision to partner with MedFlight will result in better care and transport solutions for patients and caregivers. We look forward to being a larger part of the Ross County community through education, outreach and service.”

MedFlight is a shared, non-profit service owned by the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University and Columbus-based OhioHealth. MedFlight has preferred provider agreements with many Ohio hospitals and EMS agencies to create seamless “A-Z” patient-focused transport solutions for communities in need.

In addition to its transport service, MedFlight offers area residents with MedFlight Advantage membership services to reduce patient and family expense if air or ground medical transport is needed. More information about MedFlight Advantage is available at