A tip regarding a suspicious person led to the arrest of a man who was wanted on multiple outstanding warrants. Highland County Sheriff Richard Warner says authorities were patrolling the area of East Monroe, Thursday, on a tip that a man appeared to be breaking into homes when they saw a man running in an open field nearby. Sheriff Warner says authorities were able to catch 47-year-old David Zitney following a chase that lasted over an hour and spanned around 2 miles. 


Zitney was arrested on 17 outstanding warrants from Highland, Warren, Clinton, and Brown counties. 


In HighlandCounty, he pleaded guilty to theft, passing bad checks, and probation violations, and he was sentenced to 270 days in the HighlandCountyJusticeCenter, said Sheriff Warner.


After serving his current sentence, Zitney will be transferred to one of the other three counties for the other warrants.