A Fayette County man has been arrested on multiple charges after he allegedly walked into two Hillsboro restaurants Monday afternoon and stole money.

The first incident reportedly saw the male subject walk into the area of the manager's business office unattended, then later walk out and drive away. A business employee thought the man's behavior was strange, so they wrote down the car license plate as the subject was driving away. Upon checking the office soon after, the manager discovered that money was missing from the office safe.

The get-a-way car was later tracked to a female student attending Southern State Community College. The woman's boyfriend matched the description of the subject who entered the business. Two hours later, officers working a security detail at the Hillsboro college, located the male subject and placed him under arrest.

It was also discovered that another Hillsboro business had almost the same incident take place, with the suspect matching the description of that incident also. Evidence collected from the car he was driving indicates it was taken from the two businesses.

Arrested was 23-year-old Jacob R. Roberts of Jeffersonville. He's been charged with resisting arrest, two counts of burglary and two counts of safe cracking.