The Ohio State Highway Patrol says they made 550 arrests for possession of illegal weapons last year. That's a 39 percent increase over 2012.

"Seems like it's happening more frequently in the larger metro areas, for instance Cuyahoga, Franklin, Warren, and Lucas Counties are seeing the highest numbers of illegal weapons arrests," said Sgt. Vincent Shirey.

These five counties accounted for 28 percent of all the Patrol’s illegal weapons arrests.

Illegal weapon arrests have risen each of the last five years, climbing 75 percent over this period.

"In 36 percent of the Patrol's illegal weapons arrest the offender was also charged with an OVI and then in 31 percent of the weapons arrest the offender was also charged with a drug offense," he said.

Shirey says troopers are continuing to look beyond the initial traffic stop to look for other criminal indicators.