The state is looking to make some major changes to the welfare system.

Gov. John Kasich says they're making welfare less like a series of "rules and hoops and requirements" and more like something that's going to help give people "a chance at prosperity and a job.

"Kasich has launched the Office of Human Services Innovation. He says it's not another layer of bureaucracy, but rather a streamlining of all the different "parts" of the welfare system and job training.

"I think what you're going to see with this is you're going to see a collaboration that you haven't seen. There have been too many silos in the world of delivering services," Kasich said.

Kasich said that when a person comes in each month for food stamps and the person at the office says 'see you next month' that isn't helping the situation. He wants to see people pointed toward helping themselves get to a place where they don't need food stamps.

He still wants to make sure there are requirements in place to continue getting state aid, but he wants to see it be more effective.

"People are meeting the requirement of being trained so they can keep their benefits, but they're actually not acquiring any skill that allows them to get a job," Kasich said. Kasich is also calling on Congress to pass a bill making obtaining a GED a requirement for getting welfare assistance.

"Getting a GED is a good thing and should qualify you to keep your benefits while you are looking for work," Kasich said. The new agency will be led by Doug Lumpkin, a former director of the Franklin County Dept. of Job and Family Services.