Common Core is a set of education standards being adopted around the nation, including Ohio, that's sparked controversy.

In Ohio, there is a way to opt your child out of having to take Common Core testing, but there are consequences.

"Any student who does not take the grade 3 reading test will not get the appropriate score on the reading test to meet the requirements of the 3rd grade reading guarantee, so that student would be eligible to be retained," said John Charlton with the Ohio Department of Education.

He also says that seniors cannot earn a diploma without passing the tests.

There are also consequences for the school and school district.

"Student participation on state tests is included on the Ohio Report Card for districts and schools and it is required to meet federal 'No Child Left Behind' regulations," Charlton said.

In a large school district, having a couple of students opt out probably wouldn't make a major impact on the district or school report card, but smaller districts could see a big impact.

To opt out, Charlton says parents would have to put their intentions in writing and also get an explanation from the school about the consequences of the decision.

While he is aware of some early opt outs, Charlton did not have an exact number of exemptions requested by parents in Ohio.

One of the main sticking points for opponents of Common Core is the loss of local control of education standards. They also argue that it will cost districts much more money to replace textbooks and other classroom materials.