Two teenagers are in custody after a two-day spree of vandalism that hit dozens of buildings and landmarks in Circleville. 

Police Chief Wayne Gray says Joseph Bryant and Caleb Alexander, both 19, were arrested Wednesday. 

The spree started with the initials "JWB," which were left on several buildings Monday night.  Gray says the combination of surveillance video from one scene, along with information from local high school students, helped lead to the arrests. 

"They went to our School Resource Officer and said, 'We didn't do this, but we know a lot of people with these initials.' So he started checking into these people and names and came across a picture that matched what we had on video," Gray said. 

On the second night, he said, Alexander joined Bryant on the tagging spree, which also left graffiti on a mural on East Main Street painted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Circleville Pumpkin Show. 

After a night of surveillance, police obtained a search warrant and arrested the two at the apartment they share as roommates.

Police then went around the area to where they admitted to leaving the graffiti, including on the tank outside the American Legion on US 23.